Orion Woods Condominium Association

orion township, where living is a vacation.

Welcome Orion Woods Residents!

Welcome to the Orion Woods Association website! This website is designed to provide residents of Orion Woods Condominium Association with current information concerning living within our community.
Homeowners - please take the time to register* on our site for access to member content!

*member registration is limited to owners of Orion Woods Condominium Association - ownership will be verified before registration is accepted. If ownership can not be verified, registration will be denied.

new residents

If you are a new resident of Orion Woods - WELCOME!
Please take a moment and read through the Welcome Packet that can be found on the Bylaws & Regulations page. You will find helpful information to make your transition to our association more comfortable.
If you have questions, please ask. If you don't ask, we will not be able to assist :)

do you know who to call?

Do you know who to call in an emergency or non-emergency -- yours or a neighbors?

Water/Sewer - call (248) 391-0304, ext. 117 (8:30 a.m.- 4:30 p.m.) or (248) 693-1838 (evenings, weekends, and holidays).
Fire/Police - 911; non-emergency - (248) 858-4950 and a patrol will be dispatched to your location
Animal Control - (248) 391-4102
Grinder pumps -
Orion Woods Board - orionwoodsassociation@gmail.com or Facebook; Official Orion Woods Subdivision.
Kramer-Triad Management Group (manage accounting for association) - (866) 788-5130

please stop for the children!

Please STOP for children crossing the street to get on or off the school buses at the front entrance! You have to stop and let the children cross the intersection! There have been a few near misses and I am sure no one really wants to hit a child with their vehicle.
Be safe!

site under continuous improvement!

Please submit suggestions for site enhancements or any kind of ideas to the board email at Orionwoodsassociation@gmail.com. Please note that we try our best to keep this site up to date with everything that residents need. We strive to correct any problems as soon as we become aware so please make sure to email us if you notice something. Thank you!!